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The Search Widget allows you to quickly and easily display the Imperium Jets Search Form on your website or mobile app. It allows your clients to find and book their private jet seats from your site/app.

The widget is easy to implement on your site. Whether it's WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Magento, your custom CRM, or any other type of website.

Simply go to the Widgets section in your Agency Dashboard to view the widget implementation instructions.

To implement the Imperium Jets Search Widget, copy the JavaScript code and paste it on your website.

In terms of the code, you can separate the code from the display of the widget itself.

* You can customize the display of the widget by changing values in the code, via javascript.

Search & Results

The Search Widget displays a search form for your clients to easily look for their private jet seats.

Selecting the Route, Flight Date, and Number of Passengers.

Clicking the Search button will load the results - matching flights.

Results will be displayed as part of the widget and will include: Date/time of flight, Aircraft (including images), Price, and the Book button.

Clicking the Book button will open the booking process for the specific flight (while tracking the conversion of your client from Search to Referral).

Mobile Devices

The widget is responsive, meaning the display will adapt to mobile device screens. This means you can implement the Search Widget on your website without worrying about making it responsive to different screen sizes. You can also implement the Search Widget in your mobile app, using an internal WebView.

Customize Your Widget

You can customize the widget display (look&feel) in the following options:

  • Background color: Hex value, without the hash. Example: "color:F00000;", for red color.
  • Foreground color: Hex value, without the hash. Example: "bgcolor:FFFFFF;", for white color.
  • Auto expand: set as "autoexpand:no;" to disable the automatic update of the widget's iframe height in the hosting page.
  • Context: display ("yes") or hide ("no") the top title and subtitle above the search fields. Example: "context:no;"
  • Captions: display ("yes") or hide ("no") the fields' descriptive texts. Example: "captions:no;"
  • Advanced: to test, add "demo:yes;" to the javascript settings object. This will display a demo flight result for any search.

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